Great Value for You.. Great Healthcare for your Pet..

A wellness package tailored to the needs of your pet.

As a member, you are privileged client with access to significant discounts and packaged service enhancements.*

A range of membership options are available to cater for every need providing great value for you and great healthcare options for your pet.

Get peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is in the best possible health and can receive the care they need should the unexpected happen? Then you need to join our myVet Club.

As a member, your pet will receive routine wellness, preventative care and discounted emergency treatment provided by our team of highly qualified vets and nurses. All of our dedicated staff adhere to the highest standards of clinical excellence as set by the UK’s Royal Veterinary College.

Choose from our bronze, silver, gold or platinum plans and enjoy exclusive member benefits all geared to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

BRONZE - Includes: Annual membership, Annual Municipality Vaccinations and Registration
- 10% discount on Veterinary Consultation, Dental Preventive Hygiene care, Neutering and Spaying, Boarding
- 80% Discount on veterinary fees for Accidental Causes such as Foreign Body Ingestion, Injuries, Poisoning, and Heatstroke up to a 10,000 Dh Annual or Lifetime billing limit*
AED 1,995Enquire Now
SILVER - Bronze benefits plus: a Complete Annual Health Care Package, including Quarterly Health Checks, Kennel Cough or Leukemia Vaccination, Internal and External Parasite Treatment, Ehrlicia/Heartworm (dogs) or FIV/FELV (cats) testing, Full Blood and Urine Profile, 2 Fecal Screens, 4 Nail Clipping.*AED 4,995Enquire Now
GOLD - Silver benefits plus: 80% Discount on Non Routine Veterinary fees, up to 20,000 Annual or Lifetime Billing limit
- Complimentary pet collection and delivery subject to availability and 24 hours pre booking.
- Valid for Medical Illnesses and accidental causes. Peace of mind for you and your pet.**
AED 6,995Enquire Now
PLATINUM - Gold benefits plus, 100% Discount on Non Routine Veterinary fees up to 20,000 Annual or Lifetime Billing limit
- One annual dental preventative cleaning at 100% discount.
- Complimentary pet collection and delivery subject to availability and 24 hours pre booking.
- Ultimate peace of mind for you and your pet.**
AED 9,995Enquire Now

*Terms and conditions apply. Membership is exclusively for clients of BRITISH veterinary hospital LLC and marina VET clinic LLC. All treatment, tests and services are provided by British Veterinary Hospital. Treatment, tests and services from third parties are not included. A membership fee is included. All prices are subject to additional 5% VAT. BRONZE Pre-existing qualifying conditions are excluded. Discount benefits will commence 7 days after purchase date.
**GOLD / PLATINUM membership - Acceptance subject to a satisfactory veterinary history and veterinary examination. Pre-existing conditions or injuries are excluded. Discount benefits commence 7 days after satisfactory veterinary check. Any specific exclusions will be advised or a lower tier membership may be offered.

  • Example of Bronze Membership

    Sara has a cat called Patch for whom she has a BRONZE membership. Patch has all his Municipality vaccinations and registration included. Patch was brought to the hospital with suspected poisoning. Sara’s veterinary bill was 9,000 Dh but Patch’s bronze membership meant that this was discounted by 80% so Sara only had to pay 1,800 Dh.

  • Example of Silver Membership

    Vincent has a dog called Spot who has a Silver membership. Spot comes to the hospital every 3 months and has a full 30 minute health check at which all his parasite treatment is given along with a Kennel Cough vaccination Ehrlicia testing and analysis of his blood, Urine and Faeces. Spot’s health is very closely monitored with a strategy of prevention and early detection. On his first appointment Spot’s teeth are a cause for concern, so he is booked in for a dental clean for which Vincent receives a 10% discount. Early detection prevents further deterioration and possible loss of teeth.

  • Example of Gold Membership

    Hollie has a cat called Boots who has a Gold membership. Like Spot, Boots comes for her quarterly health checks and on one occasion her check reveals she is becoming overweight and diabetic. Boots begins treatment for her diabetes and weight control. Her treatment costs amount to 12,000 Dh but as a Gold member this is discounted to just 2,400 Dh.

  • Example of Platinum Membership

    Chris has a German Shepherd dog called Prince. For ultimate peace of mind Chris enrolled Prince as a Platinum member, Prince comes for his quarterly checks for a couple of years. On one occasion Chris noticed that Prince was off his food and generally off colour. He brought Prince to the vet where it was suspected that Prince may have a tumour. This was confirmed with further imaging tests and it was decided to operate to remove the tumour. Thankfully it was caught early and Prince made a good recovery. Prince’s treatment cost 19,000 Dh but as a Platinum member this was discounted 100% so Chris had nothing further to pay.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee membership offers your pet the very best possible veterinary care while saving you money over its lifetime. Try it at no risk with our 30 day guarantee. If you decide to cancel within 30 days we will refund your membership less the cost of any services or benefits rendered.

Example 1: You apply for Gold membership and after 6 days you change your mind and request cancellation. You have had no services so we refund you in full.

Example 2: You apply for Silver membership and after your first wellness appointment you decide to cancel. In this case we refund you the membership paid less the normal price of the treatment received.

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